Today’s organizations rely on large-scale systems and global connections for manufacturing operations, logistics, customer service, product development and much more. As technological breakthroughs continue to vault forward, businesses, government agencies and nonprofits all need professionals with engineering expertise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 10-year growth of 139,300 new engineering jobs through 2026.

If you’re interested in pursuing careers in engineering, you’ll find many opportunities in fields like electrical engineering, engineering management and systems engineering. These jobs call for specialized technical knowledge, effective problem-solving and leadership ability. Earning an online engineering master’s degree could help you start or progress along a rewarding career path.

Average salary for master’s-level GW engineering graduates: $123,238.


Electrical Engineering Careers

Careers in electrical engineering call for designing and managing a variety of complex devices and systems. These professionals may be responsible for developing, testing and manufacturing electrical devices. Other job responsibilities involve optimizing the power grids and communication networks that allow utilities providers and an immense variety of other organizations to carry on daily operations. Electrical engineers may work for engineering services firms, utility providers, the federal government, electronics manufacturers, telecommunications companies or in many other industries.

Electrical Engineer Job Titles

  • Circuits Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Electrical Controls Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Project Engineer
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Reliability Engineer
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Test Engineer
Title Median Salary
Principal Electrical Engineer $126,000
Senior Electrical Engineer $100,00
Staff Engineer $96,000
Radio Frequency Engineer $83,000
Electrical Engineer $74,000

Engineering Management

Engineering management professionals are leaders in technical organizations who take on supervisory or executive roles. They must combine an understanding of technological challenges with skills in business communication. Successful project management for engineers requires guiding multidisciplinary teams toward achieving technical requirements and organizational goals while staying on schedule and within a budget. Engineering managers may succeed in a broad range of industries, working for organizations such as pharmaceutical makers, technology firms, scientific institutions, aviation companies and manufacturers.

Engineering Manager Job Titles

  • Applications Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Supply Chain Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Manager
Job Title Median Salary
Vice President, Engineering $164,000
Senior Engineering Project Manager $113,000
Senior Project Engineer $93,000
Engineering Project Manager $89,000
Project Engineer $67,000

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering offers a unique way of looking at technical problems that can be highly valuable to large commercial businesses and departments of the federal government. Systems engineers supervise the implementation and optimization of sophisticated systems, applying multidisciplinary technical knowledge as well as soft skills. These experts must account for the details of every project while keeping an eye on the big picture of organizational goals and product lifecycles. They may work in areas like aerospace, defense, software development, communications or electronics manufacturing.

Systems Engineer Job Titles

  • Aerospace Systems Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Director of Engineering
  • Lead Systems Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Principal Systems Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Test Engineer
Job Title Median Salary
Senior Software Engineer $112,000
Senior Systems Engineer $102,000
Aerospace Engineer $82,000
System Integration Engineer $80,000
IT System Engineer $74,000

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